The World Forum for a Responsible Economy at GEM!

On Wednesday, March 12th Impact will have the opportunity to take part in the ‘World Forum for a Responsible Economy’. The theme of the Forum will be to present the different practices from around the world which can be used to promote and develop a responsible economy.

There will also be a focus on how different actors in society (such as companies, their management and employees, and governments) can contribute to a more responsible economy.

The Forum will provide the opportunity for an in depth look at:

  • Business practices and how they can improve management/employee relations
  • The changing roles of employees in business
  • The welfare of workers
  • The effect of commercial activities on the environment and what initiatives are in place to control it.

The World Forum will see the meeting of many key people from MNCs from around the world which are concerned with working for a more responsible economy.

Amongst these many figures are the likes of Muhammad Yunus, the inventor of the first microcredit institution in 1976, Grameen Bank. His bank provides the opportunity to those trapped in poverty to access capital. Grameen Bank has a local relationship with its customers as it operates in thousands of villages providing opportunities to those in need. His work has earned him the title ‘banker to the poor’ as well as the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2005, followed by the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Muhammed Yunus with his Peace Nobel Price, 2006

Muhammad Yunus with his Peace Nobel Price, 2006

Also scheduled to speak at the Forum is Antonio Meloto, who has concerned himself with eradicating extreme poverty in the Philippines. He aims to achieve this goal by the year 2024, through the efforts of his NGO, Gawad Kalinga. He believes in promoting social entrepreneurship as the key to eradicating poverty in the Philippines. His ideology involves connecting the people of the Philippines to the rest of the world, by highlighting the opportunities that exist there for so many large MNCs.

As well as this, one of the main projects that Gawad Kalinga is involved in is providing the tools and opportunities to those in need to build their own villages.

These are just two examples of the philanthropic nature of the speakers who will be present at the event. The speakers will bring a wide range of experiences from different backgrounds. Anyone interested in working for a better world and a more responsible economy would benefit from attending the seminar which will take place in Grenoble Ecole de Management, Wednesday, 12th of October.

Luke McFeeney – Impact reporter